Q. What will this do for me?

A. By Switching the IP address of your Internet device from an Australian one to a British one you will be able to access all British only Television & Radio services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player & more.

Q. Is this easy to install

A. YES, Our service is fairly easy to install on all Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones & Smart Television boxes.

Q. Will this work for live TV?

A. YES, All BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & other main UK TV channels will stream live for you when in Australia, however most users watch TV programmes from the UK on British on demand services due to the time difference such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player & 4OD.


Q. Do I have to sign a yearly contract?

A. NO, Our service comes without contract and you are able to quit at any time. You can choose to pay monthly with PayPal or pay for one year upfront and pay nearly half the price.


Q. Do you offer a trial?

A. We used to offer free trials, however this service was stopped due to abuse, so instead we now offer a 100% no quibble refund if you contact us within 24 hours of purchasing. So there is no risk to yourself if you choose to try, if it’s not for you for any reason, e-mail support@panthervpn.com saying REFUND within 24 hours of the purchase and the money will be back with you within the same working day.

Q. Will this work on my smart TV?

A. Currently no not directly. If you have any kind of Android smart TV box then yes you will be able to.
Also if you have a VPN compatible router in your home, this can easily be configured to work with your smart TV as is certainly the best option. Also for those who can’t afford a VPN router, Chromecast or EZCast are great to stream both our UK VPN service and apps such as BBC iPlayer from your tablet/phone to your Television set.


Q. Can this be used on more than one device?

A. YES, you can install on as many devices as you wish, but only one can be connected per time, unless you have a VPN router which will allow connection on all devices.


Q. Do I need fast internet?

A. We do recommend a minimum of 5 Meg broadband. If you are living in rural Australia it is advisable to have at least 7 Meg.


Hopefully these points were of help to you, However if you have any further questions
then feel free to drop us an e-mail at support@panthervpn.com